Martin Foot

Easy Double Exposures

I’ve always loved multiple exposure silhouettes, but haven’t yet found a time when friends are available and it’s sunny to take any silhouette photos. This got me wondering - is it possible to make these photos at home?

I trawled through Flickr and Google image search for some silhouettes and background images. I turned off all the lights in the room, put the background image on my screen in full screen mode, then took a photo. After that I swapped to the silhouette image and took a photo of that without winding on the film. As it turns out, the experiment was successful. It’s really easy to take multiple exposure photos using your screen - even if it’s not the purest way of doing it!

All shots were on a Nikon FM2N Series E 50mm for 1/15th of a second at f/2. I used black and white film (Kodak Plus-X) simply because I could develop it quickly at home to reduce the cycle time. It was developed in Rodinal R09 for about 8 minutes. Levels adjustment in Lightroom.

For the image below I used the silhouette here:

New York Smoker

Beach Smoker

Forest Smoker

New York Photographer

The Great Gorilla Run 2014

The 21st of October 2014 saw the Great Gorilla Run in central London. Set over an 8km route, contestants dress up as gorillas to raise money for charity.

I took my Nikon FM2N loaded with Rollei RPX 400 film and went with some friends to watch the event. It was fun to see all the modifications to the costumes that people made. The images below show the event as I saw it. They were developed in Rodinal R09 for 8 minutes at 20 degrees celcius.

Contestants congregate at Mincing Lane for the staging ground. Here a fairy, a cheerleader, and a Hawaiian gorilla wait for the start: Waiting at the staging ground

Everybody starts to make their way towards the starting line: Moving to the start

This chap was in high spirits: Gorilla man

The MC prepares the runners for the race: At the start line

And they’re off: Starting the race 1 Starting the race 2 Starting the race 3 Starting the race 4

Seeing double: Twins

Double-costuming. A gorilla inside a banana: A man dressed as a gorilla dressed as a banana

Posing for the camera on London Bridge: Posing for the camera

Even a storm trooper gorilla turned up. This one brought his family: Storm trooper gorilla

For people who were unaware that a race was happening, having a hundred gorillas run past must be a surreal experience. Family with gorilla running past

At the half way mark, spirits were still high. Running in the suits must be incredibly uncomfortable! Half way there

Bill Oddie and Uri Geller hand out medals to all of the contestants at the finish line: Bill Oddie and Uri Geller giving out medals

London at Night

I recently purchased a second hand Mamiya RZ67 Pro II, an incredibly large medium format studio camera. It’s heavy to carry around uncomfortable to put on a messenger style bag, so I need to use a backpack. It fills the entire camera body + lens section of the Lowepro Orion Trekker II bag I got given. Despite being cumbersome, the RZ67 is a pleasure to use. It has so many safety features to stop you making mistakes, and I’ve never had a camera that lets you change film mid-way through a roll before. There are several very explicit manual steps to take before any photograph can be produced that slow you down and make you consider every detail of your shot. I’m still getting used to it, but I took it to Belgium with me and really enjoyed it, and a few nights ago I walked around London after dark to see some of the attractions in a different light. I got several odd looks with a sturdy tripod and the RZ67 attached and a few comments about the camera being huge. One guy walked past and asked “why don’t you just buy an iPhone?”.

Here are some of the shots. They are either f/8 or f/16 @ 60 seconds on Kodak Ektar. This is easy because the RZ67’s bulb mode automatically cuts out at 60 seconds so I didn’t need to count seconds in my head.

The London Eye and London Bridge: London Eye and London Bridge

Big Ben with ghostly people: Big Ben with ghostly people

St Paul’s Cathedral from Millennium Bridge, South Bank, London St Paul's Cathedral from Millennium Bridge, South Bank, London

Dome of St Paul’s Cathedral Dome of St Paul's Cathedral

The OXO Tower: The OXO Tower