This news from one-on-one online English language tutor/student matchmaking company The Tutor Crowd is most welcome after somebody recently tagged a bus shelter that I have to walk past every day with the the following:

"Bomb th'A SISTEM" - South London youths at their finest

The company have begun correcting spelling and grammar in graffiti tags around London, sticking up small sticker adverts for website. They have even created a Tumblr blog showcasing some of the mistakes people have been making. Some of the examples are pretty funny:

A The Tutor Crowd amendment from Camden

A The Tutor Crowd amendment from Hackney

As somebody who is fascinated by the graffiti and street art scene in London, what I find most interesting is that in many cases you can see they have tried to be non-destructive with the edits. It looks like they’re using some clear circular stickers to stick over the errors and are writing their corrections on them. This means that even if people don’t like the ads covering their masterpieces, they can still tear them off with no irreparable damage. Smart.

Via The Verge.